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Why isn't there a Kodomo category?

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1:46 pm, Feb 23 2019
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It's a demographic in its own right with its own magazines; even the Japanese manga awards usually have a kodomo category. Yet they are all tagged in the web as shounen manga, which they are not at all; nobody would mistake CoroCoro Comic for Shonen Sunday. Is it possible to create a kodomo category for the Genre section?

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3:26 pm, Feb 23 2019
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This is a pretty good idea. I'll talk it over with lambchops.

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Seinen is RIGHT

4:10 pm, Feb 23 2019
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I remember this conversation happening before. I agree though. It´s a legit demographic.

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9:22 am, Mar 20 2019
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I'm not sure if it's okay asking, but just in case. Has a decision been reached?

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