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New Poll - Rebooting the Classics

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12:07 am, Feb 24 2019
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This week's poll was suggested by Karonhioktha. So many movie reboots... Did you know there are anime reboots too? What do you think about them?

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: How many kids would you like to have?
1 - votes: 478 (7.6%)
2 - votes: 1802 (28.6%)
3 - votes: 802 (12.7%)
4 - votes: 255 (4.1%)
5 - votes: 115 (1.8%)
6 - votes: 35 (0.6%)
7+ - votes: 308 (4.9%)
None - votes: 2497 (39.7%)
There were 6292 total votes.
The poll ended: February 23rd 2019

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12:40 am, Feb 24 2019
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I feel like more often than not it will be improvement, especially if you never watch the original mmm...

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1:16 am, Feb 24 2019
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For most of the remakes that I have watched (i.e. FMA, Sailor Moon, Hunter x Hunter), they have done a really good job sticking to the original story or intentions or even drawing style of the manga. This does not means that you should forego watching the original anime. These remakes expect that you watched the original, and might leave out certain content with that in mind.

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3:08 am, Feb 24 2019
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I prefer the modern look and feel, so go for it! Honestly, I'm not very fond of most classics, by which I mean stories that came out before 1985 or so, because they've always struck me as being rather bizarre both plot-wise and characterisation-wise. And olden-day animation... Of course there are a few exceptions, but for the most part I prefer modernised remakes.

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7:42 am, Feb 24 2019
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It really depends. The Mahoujin Guru Guru anime reboot was actually better than the originals.

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11:32 am, Feb 24 2019
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The look doesn't matter.
...and if it does, then why not just take everything from the original, and re-draw it, rather than doing a whole remake, from scratch? Possibly re-doing a few select scenes, from scratch, to get a different angle or something, but...

If its an adaptation of a manga, and they manage to do a better job of staying true to the original, and handling the the plot, characters, directing and other aspects, then sure.
Like with Full Metal Alchemist.
As long as you skip the first episode, Brotherhood was excellent. Unlike the first anime (haven't seen it, myself), which goes off in a completely different direction.

That is, however, most often not how it turns out.
And if it's not like that, then...
Just... no.

...and if it's an original (not adaptation), then...

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11:34 am, Feb 24 2019
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I think the new Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Sailor Moon, and Berserk remakes look worse than the originals and I hope to not see anymore like this. I would say that Parasyte Maxim looked better than the original style, but Parasyte never had an older anime so it doesn't really count.

Post #767675 - Reply to (#767646) by kurotaito

11:37 am, Feb 24 2019
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The Sailor Moon remake, had very little relation to the original anime.
It more properly followed the manga ...except where they did a few occasional changes
...which were all utterly horrible and cringe-worthy.
Also, they were really bad and sloppy, in terms of drawing (did they have too little funds? For a Sailor Moon series!?)

FMA and HxH were good, but they were exceptions.
Granted, it's not like Hollywood adaptations, where 99.9% are shit.
Good remakes aren't extremely rare ...but they're not the norm, either.


12:49 pm, Feb 24 2019
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I would love a remake of Urusei Yatsura, no change to the story just an updated version. Since the manga is finally being released legally by Viz.


2:12 pm, Feb 24 2019
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I picked "I'm okay if it's just a change in appearance with no changes to the story" because that's how I feel about anime in general.

As soon as an anime gets filler episodes that twist the personalities of the characters from a manga even a tiny bit, I'm fucking done with it forever. So while I haven't seen any anime movie remakes, I assume I'd feel the same way about them.

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4:09 pm, Feb 24 2019
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I guess I'll give it a chance. Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is almost a shot for shot remake of the 70s anime and the remake is the superior product in every way. DBZ Kai is more of vastly changed a remaster and again the superior product. Sailor Moon Crystal now actually adapts the manga, etc. None of these are perfect but clear improvements still.
LOGH 2018 looks nice and finally does the large scale battles justice but the rushed pacing makes the IG readaptation inferior. The Berserk films are not only rushed but also visually inferior due to the often bad direction and a very flawed mixture of CG to digital animation.

A lot of the "reboots" can still live side by side with the original adaptations. The Madhouse HxH anime had a better take on Greed Island, while also adapting 2 new arcs. The 90s anime did the earlier arcs better though. Choice is always nice in the end, as long as what we get is worth it. Cough, give Berserk to an American studio that actually gives a shit, cough. Or how about a web series by MAPPA in a few years? Just look at their current Dororo remake by the director of the original HxH.

Edit: The highly successful BDS Broly is the only Dragon Ball film I like, aside of The Path to Power, and the only part of DBS I like. The Path to Power from 1996 itself was a remake of the first DB arc. Bring on the Dragon Ball remakes...? A canon DBGT remake film about Baby + SSJ4 stuff could work if you ask me.

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Post #767725 - Reply to (#767685) by residentgrigo

4:33 am, Feb 25 2019
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Quote from residentgrigo
Sailor Moon Crystal now actually adapts the manga

Yes, but badly.
There is no reason to watch the anime, with it's sloppy and ugly art and, far more importantly, the added (not in original manga) cringyness.
Much better to just read the manga.
I can recommend the manga, as well as the original anime (it's only very loosely based on the manga, should pretty much be seen as a completely separate entity, but it is a good series).
I can't, for the life of me, see any point in watching Crystal, however.

Very different to Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
I recommend reading the manga and/or watching Brotherhood (but skip the first episode!)
Which one? Which order? (if you go with both)
Doesn't matter.
but the rushed pacing makes the IG readaptation inferior.

Reminds me of Hellsing.
The TV-series barely has any relation to the manga, what with having a completely different feel, and going off in a completely different direction, pretty quickly (a decent vampire anime, but worthless as an adaptation of the manga)
Hellsing Ultimate actually adapts the manga ...but has such a wildly rushed pace (I've generally said that it's in fast-forward), that it's unbearable.


2:05 pm, Feb 25 2019
Posts: 74

I'm always willing to give it a chance. Sometimes the original anime didn't have much to work with because there wasn't enough of the manga out, so it went in a different direction or had anime original endings. FMA (2003) and Hellsing (2001) are 2 examples and they were imho pretty decent considering when they came out. Later FMA Brotherhood and Hellsing Ultimate were closer to the manga and improved somethings (some not), but I thought they were decent too. At least in these situations you get a more complete story closer to the manga.

Some stuff looks way better than original like the recent Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (vs 1974 original) and is more enjoyable. On the other hand some stuff fails badly for example the latest CG Berserk adaptations. When a low budget 1997 anime (original Berserk TV) looks better than its modern counterparts something is seriously wrong.

So bottom line is that you never know what you might get, you might be seriously disappointed or you might get pleasantly surprised. So I say give it a chance.

Post #767739 - Reply to (#767737) by MangaGhost

2:49 pm, Feb 25 2019
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Quote from MangaGhost
So bottom line is that you never know what you might get, you might be seriously disappointed or you might get pleasantly surprised. So I say give it a chance.

...though if the original was good, there's usually not much of a point.

Post #767744 - Reply to (#767739) by zarlan

6:05 pm, Feb 25 2019
Posts: 74

Well...sometimes there is, if we are talking about old properties. It might have been good for the time, maybe even considered a classic, but it looks outdated and a new makeover can attract a new generation of viewers. This is why you get Space Battleship Yamato 2199. Also some shows are products of their time like Ashita no Joe (Tomorrow's Joe). The characters and times represent an era that no longer exists and appealed to certain tastes of that time (60s-70s). Sometimes you can't just take characters from several generations ago and transplant them in the present. This is why we got Megalobox which is basically an adaptation of Ashita no Joe. The Evangelion Rebuilds seem to be pretty successful too and that's an update to a classic show (controversial or not it is seen as an important show).

However, there might be some stuff that could be considered timeless and maybe never needing an update. Maybe some of the Ghibli movies or maybe Cowboy Bebop. But then its no longer just good or very good, its great and those would be very few.

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