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Reporting errors in manga listings or releases

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6:03 pm, Feb 27 2019
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Is there a way to report errors in manga releases or other information. Maybe a pinned thread or a link to report, like with inappropriate content in images.

Latest error I've noticed is with series ID 152003. Releases list a chapter from Binbou Scanlation, but that's a oneshot from FUJISAWA Makoto and the listing for the oneshot collection "Short Stories" doesn't exist.

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10:00 pm, Feb 27 2019
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The "Request Change" function in your User CP on the right is for that. The pinned "Manga List Bug Topic" also serves that function: d=452

The admins will have to help with the specific series though. Entries that still await approval or that were merged could cause such an issue. We will see how close I was...

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4:38 am, Feb 28 2019
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Fixed and separated into Song of the Sea

What residentgrigo is correct

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