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New Poll - Bad Endings

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8:12 pm, Mar 3 2019
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I understand why many people say that the ending with too many questions is worse than the axed option, but the axed option also says "/abrupt" which in my opinion is the worst of all. At least a "proper" ending will give some closure and then you can just bookmark that author in your head as not to your taste.

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8:46 am, Mar 4 2019
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Definitely Axed/abrupt ending. There's no ending I hate more than that. The series getting canceled and now it either gets a rush job or just flatly ends with so much unfinished business.

It really sucks when a new series with promise gets axed and has its potential snuffed out. But its even worse when it was a really good or great series at first then it gets destroyed by an axed. And now there's always a bad memory to end the formerly good series you used to love.

I have many examples but the number one example has to be Bleach. I loved that series and still partly do but man it that ending really destroyed a lot of its legacy. And now it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth when i think about it.

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2:35 pm, Mar 4 2019
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Obviously the majority of users on the site agree with you so there's not much need to defend your choice 😛 But in my personal experience, the "axed" part of "axed or abrupt ending" has been net-positive often enough that I simply couldn't select it.

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6:07 pm, Mar 5 2019
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I hate unsatisfying endings, so it was tough to pick an answer. I think I'm more annoyed with cliffhanger endings because the author chose to end it that way, whereas axed endings are usually a result of the publisher dropping the manga, so the author didn't have a chance to wrap it up.

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10:59 am, Mar 7 2019
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Axed or abrupt ending
It honestly pains my heart to think about what could have been.

Just recently finished Nanashi no Asterism, and the non-ending felt extremely abrupt and unsatisfying, despite what was otherwise a fun and innovative manga, and IMO a comedy masterpiece. Then I looked online to find that the series was suddenly discontinued and the poor mangaka was given one chapter to wrap everything up (╯°□°)╯( ┻━┻

I don't want to live in this world anymore TT-TT
I want to be reborn in a universe where my favorite manga are allowed to be completed
I need to know if Tsukasa and her twin got their happy endings...

Honestly, despite all of Bloody Junkie's shortcomings, it was still a fun read, and I really admire the author for writing out the entire plot in the last chapter after the manga got axed.
And kudos to the scanlation team for translating the whole pages of text.

I wish more mangaka would do this if their story is unavoidably axed. I do understand why giving a concrete ending/explanation to a mystery/game-of-death manga would make more sense than a school-life drama that could get away with an open-ended non-end. But come on, Kobayashi-sensei could at least give us a teaser ~10 years later~ picture or something TT^TT

And what is Gangan Online even doing axing all these great manga, when these two series are the only reason I've even heard of their mediocre dirt-rag? (sorry, I know I'm being salty but... 😢)

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