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Cant remember this Manga Bj behind a tree? Please help!

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10:33 pm, Mar 10 2019
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This has been bugging me for the longest time. But I love manga Espically Yaoi manga. And this one in particular for the life of me I cant find Anywhere. So here's what I can remember about it:

If I remember correctly the protagonist was a business man and he was very shy and nervous if im recalling correctly. He also had glasses I believe and I think he was going to confess or ask out this guy who worked at a bar or a restaurant I cant really remember. But I think he was smoking or taking out the trash or something anyway the Guy he was interested In was outside for some reason and the Protagonist goes up to confess or ask him out (again maybe he wasnt cannot remeber but he had to talk to this hot guy for some reason) and I remember he was nervous and before he could really say anything. The guy took him behinf a tree or building and gave him a bj and the buiness man was really confused but enjoyed it. However he accidently cam on the mans face and he got really embrassed and ran away yelling "IM SORRY" And the guy who he was intrested in was watching going "Where's my money" so I think he was doing some "Extra" buisness on the side. Eventually the protagonist comes back to apologize and the Guy hes intrested in thinks he looks like a sad puppy so he says "Dont worry about the money" and The protagonist is confused because he had no clue.

Anyway thats all I can remember I really hope someone can help me find this story. I cant remember if it was a oneshot or not but I think it was. Any help will be appericated thank you!

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