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New site update broke the site on computer

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10:23 am, Mar 12 2019
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I see there's a site redesign for mobile but on my computer, the width of the page is too wide, causing the layers to overlap each other. Might be some bug with the poll element, causing it to be horizontal and bumping everything sideways, or the page width output.

See here:
default view:

Zoomed out:

Is it possible to revert to the old design or get this bug fixed somehow?


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3:19 pm, Mar 12 2019
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Appears to only be on your end. Delete your browser cache and cookies. If it still looks broken, we need to know what browser you're using and what version it is

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1:29 pm, Mar 23 2019
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Deleted cache, no difference. My main browser is firefox 27.

I tried dling the new firefox 65 just now and it looks normal on that. So I'm thinking it might have something to do with some newer tags on the page layout that does not conform to the wc3html4 standards that older browsers follow.

Hope you guys can fix the layout bug so us old school types can still browse the site normally on our older browsers.

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