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Wild Fang Project bids you Farewell, thanks for everything!!!

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11:58 pm, Mar 12 2019
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It’s time to say farewell, In STYLES!!!.

The Wild Fang Project wishes everyone that participated, donated, helped and enjoyed our projects the best of wishes. We wouldn’t have done it if It wasn’t for you. For lifelong friendships and the ones to come. Thanks and enjoy our very last volume. Until we meet again. Thanks for placing your trust in us.

With This, The Wild Fang Project completes its goal and ends the way I always envisioned it to end. Have a toast my dear wolves!!! The project has reached its completion!!!

Our last project is OKAN, MEMORIES OF MY MOTHER. you can find it in your favorite nyaa.

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9:20 pm, Apr 3 2019
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"And no fucks were given that day."

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11:02 am, Apr 4 2019
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well, go to youtube and see for yourself...the tens of thousands of fans impressed.

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