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Pochacco Scans is looking for a Jap to Eng translator for Campione!

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4:02 pm, Mar 15 2019
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As the title implies my group needs a translator for Campione!
I used to typeset this under Soul Scans but the group disbanded. And then I picked this up again under iManga scans but the Jap translator didn't like it after doing 3 chapters. There is a lot to translate as each chapter is about 45 to 50 pages long.

So now that I have my own scanlation group, I would very much like to finish translating this. I have the raws for vol 2 and vol 3, I have a solid redrawer on my team, I can typeset and clean this myself if needed. Just need a good translator who doesn't mind some ecchi harem manga. Chapters 4 thru 6 has already released.

If you are able to help, please message me through our site --

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