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[Hiring]Looking for Scanlators(Translators) to translate manga

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10:49 am, Mar 21 2019
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Recently, we want to invite you to translate on our platform, the pay rate will be about 1 USD for 2 pages.

If you can translate form English to another language(Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Swedish, Burmese, Filipino or Polish), convenient to use Internet, and you are interested in this offer, please leave your message to me or add my skype:, thanks!

Come and try even if you don't have experience.

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3:16 pm, May 11 2019
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Hi, I'm a native Filipino and confident in written English. I'm also self-studying Japanese Language (日本語), I already passed the JLPT N5 and planned to take JLPT N4 and JLPT N3 this year.

I have no technical experience in translations but I did translations for personal use only. I would love to try if there's an evaluation test for your requirements.

I can do:
English -> Tagalog (Filipino) (vice versa)

I think I can do:
Japanese -> English

If your still hiring. here's my email:

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1:41 pm, Mar 3 2020
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Hi, do you still looking for translator?

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4:18 pm, Jul 12 2020
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Hi! Are you still hiring?

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