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Any samurai manga with a more Ninja Scroll-esque atmosphere?

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1:43 pm, Mar 23 2019
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I'm in a mood for a samurai manga. Hold your horses, there! I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to recommend Vagabond and/or Lone Wolf and Cub, aren't you? They're not what I'm after. Why? Because I'm not looking for anything particularly realistic or grounded in terms of setting.

What I want is something more akin to Ninja Scroll, except in manga form:

- Action-Horror
- Good-quality art that's pleasant to look at
- Takes place in feudal Japan
- Features a swordsman protagonist
- Dark, gritty, deadpan serious
- Violent and gory
- Lots of intense fights
- Tons of grotesque imagery and bizarre characters
- Interesting plot (for an action title)

Any recs for something like that? Finished titles only, please. Thanks in advance.

PS. In case you want to tell me to look for it myself - I've already done that. Literally the only thing that pops up tag-wise when taken my criteria into account is some Violence Jack spin-off and I find it hard to believe it's the only manga of that kind that exists. That's why I'm asking you for help.

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2:18 pm, Mar 23 2019
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Blade of the Immortal

It ticks pretty much all of the boxes and is a terrific thrill.

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