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Any updates on Chang Ge Xing situation?

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1:36 pm, Apr 5 2019
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It's been a few years since Xia Da, the author of Chang Ge Xing quit her publisher. And I was wondering if any of you have heard of any updates on the situation. I think she posted something on her weibo a couple weeks ago, but unfortunately I cant read chinese so idk exactly what it said, but it seems to have to do with chang ge xing.

Post #786705 - Reply to (#768564) by jennyxbangtan
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5:42 am, Nov 9 2020
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I think the author has moved on to another series. It's more fantasy Xianxia genre but it's really pretty and in colour! Being a non-Xianxia reader the translator did a great job and it wasn't confusing at all.

Heard that Chang Ge Xing is finally getting the TV drama adaptation made! 😀

Post #786753 - Reply to (#786705) by milkgreentea
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4:45 am, Nov 11 2020
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Damn that's sad, an unfinished good manhua 😢 , best of luvk to the author tho

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