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Forgot Shoujo Manga title! Please help!

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8:47 pm, Apr 14 2019
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[m] hello! As I’ve stated earlier, I’ve had this manga on my mind, I remember the plot, a little? But not the title!

Basically it’s about two girls who were the best of friends since they were young but one girl had to move away for a reason I cannot remember.. But the other girl was prone to be bullied and the girl who moved away protected her when she was being bullied thus the mark of the beginning of their friendship. A few years passed and the girl who moved away is now in high school, and I think she knew that her old bestfriend is in the same school but she’s not the same girl as she was then as she’s now become the bully. She’s all cool and really pretty like a model. (she used to have twin braids and has glasses.) They used to have this doll with the first letter of their name which was “A” and “R” or something! If this is still a vague explanation please ask me for further description! Thank you in advance!

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