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Bipolar Baby

9:04 am, May 29 2019
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I'm at it again. I am looking for a new romance manga/manhwa/webtoon ... manhua even.

Things I'd like to avoid
Over the top plot *cough*Domestic Girlfriend*cough*
Over the top harems - really harems in general unless they make sense
Fan service
Too much smut
Non straight romance - though there can be hints of shounen or shoujo ai(things are always fun with a hint of gay)
one shots or any where the love interest is a 1st place robot and your MC is just your everyday potato who got lucky(unless of course there is great development, ie you see love interest showing faults... and not in a I'm a tsundere or some other trope kind of way, said potato does more than just go with the flow, actually steps up in a realistic way - basically no wish fulfillment types

Things I would like to see
Preferably Josei or Seinen genres- younger demographics are okay too if plot is good
Slice of life
Goes with slice of life but just an everyday kind of romance, none of those "this is destiny" things (also why I don't prefer the younger demographics)
Easy dialogue - nothing too flowery/poetic, I'm kinda stupid and not at all good at literature so strong prose is not my forte

I know these are a lot of points but basically just something realistic(a bit fluffy, and issues where the MCs' solve it with actual communication)

Edit: I would love to see an Isekai/fantasy world/Time ... whatever like this as in general those tend to be either super fluffy or super wish fulfillmenty

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3:48 am, May 30 2019
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I can't really think of any mangas or webtoons that fit your description - I don't tend to read that. But I do watch it, if you want some anime recommendations. And I think most of these are based off of a manga in the first place, so 🙂

I ordered them from most relevant recommendations to less.

Princess Jellyfish
Peach Girl
Ristorante Paradiso
Kimi ni Todoke
Say "I Love You"
Lovely Complex
Aishiteruze Baby

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