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Chapter 107 wait

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4:10 am, Jun 18 2019
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It's been 232 days since chapter 106 was released by DKThias Scanlations. And up until recently, I've been checking their main website daily.

Until yesterday, that is.

For some reason, the site's been taken down. I'll try to go to the link to the page, but I'm just redirected to this page automatically: dContent/redirect_0.html

Anyone know what's up with the team?

Other than that, I'll just keep counting as the days go by. I'm praying that this Fandom isn't dead yet.

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5:02 am, Jun 18 2019
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That's worrying. Considering he was the type to at least give some updates when there were no releases for a while I can only assume the worst... Either something happened to him or he stopped altogether.

I can't really think of a case where he would just let the site vanish without any notifications though, so I just hope he's okay 🙁

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6:36 am, Mar 6 2020
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Can't wait for 120, since 119 left off on quite the cliffhanger imo

We now have a Discord for the Yumekui Merry fans that we can find.

Only problem is finding other fans, since we lack a subreddit and I need to get that set up

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