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📌(HELP?) Discussing the plot

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11:38 am, Jun 20 2019
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General plot discussion !!! What do the girls think of what's been seen so far?

(And also help on any news / any upd8s😕?)

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6:25 pm, Jun 29 2019
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I haven’t read the manga so I can’t comment on the plot but I read on the scanlator’s tumblr that the series has not been dropped, just that the work on it might be slower than their other projects.
The group also has a good history of not randomly dropping projects so you can be hopeful about it being completely translated one day 🙂

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4:04 pm, Sep 21 2019
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Bless!!! I didn't know that about the groups doing the manga! I'm glad! I also heard about it not being dropped and that it's due to editors not being available or some such. I sympathize >< I hope they can dig through it and show us Torajiro's work, I've gotta say (since eye purchased the book) that it's really soon as the story moves into analepsis and this ONE PARTICULAR STORYLINE..........................;'; LIKE ,...User Posted Image

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
cos as far as I can tell the guy who presents the first bits of writing by Kishi that isn't PG-13 dramatically changes because of some out and out traumatic bullshit but you won't realize until the latter half of the book is done
It's so worth being picked up, crossing everything that a TL can happen sooner or later!
*--MAJOR caveat here: I say this even though I don't know a lick of jp and just fed the copy into some translation apps (I used to typeset a webcomic ages ago so I was like phwoar *_*), lmao. If only my asian ass family cared enough to teach me the language like they should. Balls.

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