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New Poll - Unrelated Series Oneshots

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5:42 pm, Jun 22 2019
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This week's poll was suggested by juliarox214. You know how some series have a oneshot at the end of the volume that are totally unrelated to the main series itself? They might have unique characters, or it's just a previously published oneshot that they're packaging in this volume. What's your feeling about those?

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Humanity and/or the world is about to end. What is the cause?
Rogue AI, robots, or other technological rampancy - votes: 144 (3.9%)
Global warming - votes: 752 (20.4%)
Zombies - votes: 74 (2%)
Alien or monster invasion - votes: 47 (1.3%)
Super virus, bacteria, or illness - votes: 302 (8.2%)
Eruption of super volcano - votes: 90 (2.4%)
Planet, moon, or meteor collides with Earth - votes: 101 (2.7%)
Nuclear war (i.e., we all kill each other) - votes: 900 (24.4%)
Black hole near Earth, Sun blows up, giant solar flare, or gamma-ray burst - votes: 128 (3.5%)
God - votes: 259 (7%)
Lack of resources or ecological disaster - votes: 810 (22%)
Intelligent animals - votes: 77 (2.1%)
There were 3684 total votes.
The poll ended: June 22nd 2019

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7:07 pm, Jun 22 2019
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No option for "no preference"/"don't particularly"?

Post #769946 - Reply to (#769944) by zarlan
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9:12 pm, Jun 22 2019
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Quote from zarlan
No option for "no preference"/"don't particularly"?

Ditto on this.

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10:09 am, Jun 23 2019
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Yes, even if these are usually of middling quality. It´s interesting to read how an author started, as these tend to be earlier or debut works. Or even better, the original pilot chapters. Kenshin had 2 of those. Stuffing a volume with random crap to get to 180 or 200 pages sucks on the other hand.

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1:31 pm, Jun 23 2019
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I just hate not knowing that the oneshot is unrelated to the series. A lot of times I've read manga and think I have one more chapter left only to be disappointed that the chapter is completely unrelated to the original story.

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8:07 pm, Jun 23 2019
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I read a lot of oneshots anyway... If I finished the series I probably like authors storytelling, so might as well read that oneshot...

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5:13 am, Jun 24 2019
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I don't mind reading them. Though usually I'll read them after I've read the entire main series.

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3:20 pm, Jun 24 2019
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Where's my "sometimes" option?

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3:07 am, Jun 25 2019
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As a general rule if I like a series enough to read it I would be open to reading other stories from that mangaka, so sure, I like them.

Post #770027 - Reply to (#769955) by residentgrigo

3:03 am, Jun 27 2019
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I voted No for this reason. I was thinking about Manga I've bought where there's only around 130 pages of the main story and then there is a sub-par oneshot added in at the end to reach the minimum page count. It feels like being ripped off. If it's at least related to the story somehow (prequel/side characters) or there's already 180 pages of the main title, I don't mind the oneshots.

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