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Anyone know what "Buratto Buradora" means?

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10:37 am, Jun 24 2019
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The first part of the title means "Brat" but I can't figure out the second word. I already looked it up on as:

bura dora
bura tora

The result was...meh. The first three were looked up as the verb "buru" ( I guess "to put on airs; to be self-important" could apply.
= Bra. Meh. But the protag does like them.
= Possible partial hit, but its use as a prefix might invalidate it:
Noun - used as a prefix, Noun
1. loafing; indolent; lazy; debauched; profligate
2. hey
= Drunkard or tiger. Mmmmmeh. Also trouble, but that's an abbreviation for a European word, so IIRC those don't get switched from T to D.

That's all I know! searches were meh. Thanks in advance!

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2:21 pm, Jun 24 2019
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im assuming it's an abbreviation of the original title.

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1:47 pm, Jun 29 2019
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D'OH! Overthinking does it again!!! But MaskingTape narrowed in on the important information as if by delineating it with...masking tape or some... such... thing.

Heh. Blood LadBurado Rado (makes me wonder if "Rado" is considered an obvious pun for the English slang "rad"; yet more overthinking) → Burado RaBuradoRa with me splitting it the wrong way.

Thanks again for the solution!

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