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Masochistic Uke

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12:47 pm, Jun 28 2019
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I need a manga where the uke is masochistic, the seme doesn't necessarily have to be a sadist but he can be indifferent or a tsundere or whatever. But I can't seem to find any manga where the uke is a major masochist except for Shell. I forgot the name of that manhwa...
Plz help

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6:07 pm, Jun 29 2019
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I can't believe you did not heard of Saezuru tori wa habatakanai - The most beautiful, most emotional uke and stoic, loving seme. I definitely recommend it. 😁

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5:06 am, Aug 8 2019
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uh im a bit late to this but...
Shell is from Blood Bank
and a manga with a dormant M uke that I know: Chou To Hana No Kankeisei by Akabeko

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5:30 pm, Apr 2 2021
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The uke in Kaori no Keisho by Nakamura Asumiko is definitely super masochistic.

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