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Bunny Blue Scanlations is recruiting for shounen-ai projects

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6:02 pm, Aug 5 2019
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02/05/2020 update: We are in need of typesetting help. Please see latest post for details.

Hi everyone! ^^

I'm very happy to announce that Bunny Blue Scanlations is open to new members. I started scanlating works by my favourite mangaka last year, and since then I've mostly been doing all the various jobs by myself.

Now, I would really like it if some lovely, kind souls would step in to help me scanlate these wonderful manga so I can focus more on translating.

Here are my websites:

These are the projects I'm currently working on and need help with:
Boku no Yasashii Onii-san by IMA Ichiko
Teion Blanket by KUNIEDA Saika

These are comedy shounen-ai projects with fun, lovable characters. I'm sure you will enjoy them. ^^

Positions that need filling:

You don't need any experience, I would be happy to help you learn. You just need an interest in these projects and dedication to see them scanlated.

If you're interested please send me a private message on here.

Thank you! <3

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12:25 pm, May 2 2020
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Calling all ardent Ima Ichiko and Kunieda Saika fans!

I would be delighted if 1 or 2 amazing people could help me with typesetting for Boku no Yasashii Oniisan and Low-Temperature Blanket.

This is a great chance to work on two truly wonderful manga.

You will need:

- Photoshop already installed on your computer.
- At least 2 chapters typesetting experience.

Please get in touch via my wordpress contact page or tumblr messages (links above) if you’re interested.

Thank you. ^^

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1:12 pm, May 16 2020
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Hi all, I'm still looking for a typesetter for "Low Temperature Blanket" by Kunieda Saika. Please get in touch if you love this mangaka and would like to help. 🙂

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