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Sawateam Recruitment for Translators and Redrawers

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10:01 pm, Aug 30 2019
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Hello Sawateam is currently working on the following projects with more coming soon:
Justice of A Villainous Woman
You're My Destiny
19th Century Memoir
No Marriage
A Witch's Hopeless Wish

We are a fast updating group. We release almost every day, so we hope you have time for at least 2 chapters a week.

We're currently recruiting for the following positions:

Japanese or Korean or Translators
No MTL, must be fluent in Japanese or Korean, and have a good understanding in English.

Photoshop is necessary. No experience in scanlation necessary but must be familiar with digital art/drawing.

Ideally experienced with typesetting. Photoshop is necessary.

Must have great understanding of grammatical structure. Must ask be able to make sense of sentences and rephrase them for paragraph fluidity.

RAW Provider
One of our series requires a Korean phone # in order to RIP. If you can provide Korean RAWS for Restrain, please message me.

To apply please message me on discord: Lyrafiel#8439

Please include:
- Name to be credited with
- Position applying for
- Any example of your work if you have previous experience
- Age
- Number of hours you have a week to volunteer/how many chapters you can do in a week

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8:01 pm, Sep 10 2019
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Bump we are still looking to fill the same positions as above.

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1:41 am, Sep 27 2019
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Updated Post to include Typesetter and Raw provider for Restrain

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2:28 am, Oct 4 2019
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Bumping because we're also looking for an Indonesian translator!

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1:00 pm, Oct 25 2019
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We are no longer in search for an Indonesian translator but we need a couple of proofreaders.

Post #772785 - Reply to (#771532) by Lyrafiel
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4:43 am, Nov 5 2019
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Really need more Korean Translators right now! Please volunteer~

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4:52 pm, Jun 19 2020
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We need more Korean translators again!

Here are our new series:
A Vampire's First Love
The Villainess Lives Twice

We also have an office romance title coming up, so please apply if you're interested in the genre! We really need a dedicated translator there!

We're always recruiting for the other roles, especially proofreaders.

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9:00 pm, Feb 18 2021
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SOS! We desperately need help in the CLRD department at the moment!

CLRD must have the skill and willpower to redraw sfx and text on top of screentones, textures, ̶d̶e̶m̶o̶n̶i̶c̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶y̶g̶r̶o̶u̶n̶d̶s̶ and special effects!

You can find full details on our discord which is linked on our MangaDex page.

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