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8:10 pm, Sep 27 2019
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So, just wondering, do you guys have many friends who also enjoy reading manga, and you can actually talk about it with them for hours?
For me, I have just 1 friend like that, that happens to be the guy I also live with and one of my best friends. But that's about it.
Wish I knew more people who shares this hobby.
How is it for you guys?

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10:40 am, Sep 30 2019
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You are lucky guy! I want to be your friend too! 😀

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12:52 pm, Sep 30 2019
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I have a few, my siblings included.
I don't socialize a lot since I have social anxiety, but most of my friends (I don't have a lot) are nerds (manga, games and/or movies like Harry Potter)
I can only think of one friend who isn't and she's my best friend and she'll still listen to my rants when I've discovered something new that I find absolutely amazing even though she doesn't get most of it, but she finds my explanations and excitement funny. I absolutely love her for it

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4:08 pm, Sep 30 2019
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We have the same hobbies ! I love many manga and naruto is the best manga , i think so , and you? 😀

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10:31 pm, Apr 5 2020
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I've friends that loves manga but not as much as anime lover.

1st: Death Note
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