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New Poll - Hogwarts House

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Post #772392 - Reply to (#772387) by HikaruYami
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9:57 pm, Oct 15 2019
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@HikaruYami Congrats. MIT admit rate isn't too bad compared to others lol 😛

I think they do it more along the lines of Big Five where your value tells you how much you are of each. I also think that like the Big Five the houses aren't really opposed. Like you can be very hardworking Hufflepuff, but also very ambitious Slytherin.

Also, I'm glad people are enjoying the survey.

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12:00 am, Oct 16 2019
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I voted I don't understand, but really I just don't care. I read these books when I was kid. They aren't relevant. I didn't even care when the last one came out, though I did read that.

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