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Costume changes

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10:55 pm, Oct 13 2019
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I'm looking for basically costume porn for my little cosplay heart to gaze at. Like I really love when there's more than one outfit that the cast wears instead of 50 chapters wearing 1 outfits (sorry school themed mangas)

Doesn't have to be in color, but man does that help
Could have an anime adaption
Don't mind it not being a manga I read on webtoon and tapastic as well
I've read most if not all of the Isekai

Examples of what I've read:

Surviving as the Hero's Wife
The Abandoned Empress
What it takes to be a Villainess
Cardcaptor Sakura
(Any clamp series really)
Iris: the lady with a smart phone
Paradise Kiss
I belong to house Castielo/I am a child of this house
Who made me a princess?
Cheating Men must die
They say I was born a King's Daughter
I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags...
Lore Olympus
Heirs Game
Heroine Chic
The Monster Duchess and the Contract Princess
Magical Boy
This girl is a little wild
Simply Good Sense for a Duke’s Daughter
Why are you doing this, Duke?
Red river
Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo suru

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11:38 pm, Oct 13 2019
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3x3 Eyes
Kine-san no 1-ri de Cinema
Trans Venus

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12:50 am, Oct 14 2019
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Chang Ge Xing & Otoyomegatari have some of the best costumes. Beautiful art too.

True Beauty is a webtoon with a lot of focus on (modern) clothes.

The Sock Monster & Madame Petit also have a lot of pretty and varied costumes.

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7:23 am, Oct 23 2019
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Skip Beat!

“Hey, Mom. Why did you give birth to me?” – Ray
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