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A column for notes in "my lists"

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3:30 pm, Nov 7 2019
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What do you think about adding a new column in the manga lists in which we can write notes? Here you have an example taken from MyDramaList. I think it would be very useful to note your favourite chapters, your first impressions or a few other details you can't write anywhere else.

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9:37 pm, Mar 28 2021
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Or even be able to enter the notes on the manga page directly. (so that only you are able to see it)

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8:30 pm, Apr 4 2021
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I think this would be really good. I would enjoy adding notes for my future self.

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Screaming Fangirl

9:32 pm, Apr 4 2021
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This would be great! I often forget key things between chapters or just want to note my favorite moments or thoughts so a notes feature would be very helpful.

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10:17 pm, Apr 6 2021
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I think there is a way to view your lists with all your comments to the side. But I don't remember exactly how πŸ˜• .
You can also write it with spoiler tag and put your opinions on the forum as a post t (just before the comments) with the chapter number of the chapter or the ark.

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10:40 pm, Apr 6 2021
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This great. I would like to note down sth that only I can see too. Directly in the series page is great idea 😊

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😼 & 😾 by HOSHINO Katsura
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4:38 am, Apr 7 2021
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i would love this. it’s very helpful on MyAnimeList and MangaGo for stuff like why I stopped reading a series, or key scenes i want to go back to, or where I need to go to read/buy it.

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