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Looking for a yaoi or shounen-ai manga but cannot remember the name

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5:38 am, Nov 18 2019
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So the manga was released this year from what I recall. It stems around a boy (i don't remember if he's in HS or college) who, in the beginning, of the manga shows he has a crush on his friend but he has a gf. It does then pan over to him talking about how he has another person he has a great time with but it's through some online game where they chat or I believe talk online with headsets. Anyway, so some meeting with fellow gamers happens among the protagonist group and they try to invite his gamer friend to the event which he agrees to with the exception of the protagonist to come along. Before the get together happens, they decide to meet up to not feel awkward or something with one another and for the online friend to feel comfortable at the getogether with the gamers. Anyway, so when they do meet, the other gamer had mentioned to him that he can be intimidating or something which the boy doen't understand why until they meet face to face and he's like a man and maybe in a gang or somethingšŸ˜• This is all I can remember but I have no idea or remember what it's called or how the cover looks like!!! PLEASE HELP.

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12:29 pm, Nov 23 2019
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Oh I'm really interested in the story! Have you tried the online friends, online gaming, love develops online and video games tag with yaoi/shounen ai here on the genre search?
I skimmed through the tags but didn't find one which exactly fit you description. Maybe you can give a look.
Please do try this list and and this list as well.
Please do et me know if you find it!

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10:10 am, Dec 8 2019
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Hi! Is it this one? Our Companionship

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11:26 pm, Jan 9 2021
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Thank-you thank you than you

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