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Name of a shoujo manga about cursed doll

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7:47 pm, Nov 28 2019
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I'm looking for the name of an old manga. Plot: cursed doll harmed the girl as it got jealous of her and her boyfriend. The doll's strength went stronger after time. The couple went abroad to search for the doll's origin. It turned out that the girl soul inside the doll was ex-lover who was abandoned of the great-grandfather of the boy. The main couple managed to let the doll and old man soul meet, solve the misunderstanding and HE. There seems to be couples of volume and release date is old, as I must have read them over 10+ years ago.

Thanks for your help in advance! 😢

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1:24 am, Nov 29 2019
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This is not in English but is it the manga you want? (The 2nd and 3rd lines) =time&page=1081#lg=1&slide=0

If it is, then it's Alice ni omakase!

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2:48 am, Nov 29 2019
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Yes that's the one! Thankss <33.

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