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Looking for yaoi / shounen ai manga abt lgbtq!

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6:00 pm, Dec 6 2019
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Hello im looking for a specific manga i cant rmbr if it was yaoi or shounen ai but iirc it begins with the mc trying to kill himself because he think his life is over after being exposed (?) at school for being gay but then a lady called anonymous saves him and he's introduced to all these othr amazing people including a lesbian couple an old man and a cross dressing boy and they remodel / rebuild houses together + the boys crush ends up becoming interested in him and when the boy starts to accept himself he comes up with his own design for a remodeling project

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8:55 pm, Dec 6 2019
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Shimanami tasogare

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8:19 am, Dec 7 2019
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Thank you so much!!! oops just realized it actually isnt tagged yaoi / sa

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