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Forced cohabitation leading to romance

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2:36 pm, Dec 18 2019
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Pretty simple, I'm looking for stories where the hero and heroine are forced to live together well before they'd fallen in love (or at least before they'd both recognized this fact). Great example is Pastel, in which the main character falls for a girl but is separated on a sour note, only to find out that his father agreed to let her and her sister stay at his house since family situations have left them with nowhere to stay. Then the father takes off on a months-long work trip, leaving it just to the hero to take care of them. His feelings are romantic from the start but hers are not and slowly develop.

Parallel, by the same author, has a similar story with a cruel twist. The hero confessed to his crush only to be turned down with a sad face and the words "it's impossible". He's crushed, then he finds out his dad plans on getting remarried, to her mom. They're going on a year-long trip to iron things out, and for that time it's just the two of them.

Neither party has to like the other at the start though, or even for a fair while. It just needs to eventually lead in that direction, and preferably should have some comedic and/or ecchi elements.

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1:31 am, Dec 19 2019
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Try forced living arrangements tag

Yeah I know my english is bad
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9:33 pm, Dec 30 2019
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Try LDK it's a nice romantic manga, and the main characters' personalities are pretty unique.

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8:00 am, Jan 3 2020
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Good morning call

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