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Otome Youkai Zakuro might be coming back?

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11:03 am, Jan 10 2020
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Studio JG, (the Polish publisher of Zakuro) says that a new volume is going to come out in July.

The thing is though, SJG is 1 volume behind, so it doesn't necesarily mean the author is coming back from her maternity leave. However, they got there when the series originally went on hiatus, and they didn't catch up this whole time. So either the author came back to just sign off on the volumes, or she might draw new chapters again. We don't know.

As for why the long wait until July, apparently the translator is on her own maternity leave too.

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9:32 am, Jul 7 2020
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Noo... Polish publisher has Zakuro on hiatus after vol 8 and now they back to this series and in july they want to publish vol 9.

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6:32 pm, Oct 3 2020
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I'm a little late here but if you check the author's twitter bio all her manga are still on hiatus. She's active daily there so check on twitter first for updates...

Things aren't looking any different right now but she's got two (?) young children so it's understandable that she's not actively publishing.

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