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Why isn't this manga so well known?

Why didn't you like this manga?
(a) Not interested in the manga because of the synopsis?
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2:08 am, Jan 17 2020
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Warning Below contains spoilers about manga history. If you have not read the manga yet, I recommend not reading what is written below.

In advance, I apologize for the formatting and typing errors this post may have. This is my first time publishing in this forum. In fact, I just created this account to talk about this particular manga. I also apologize for my English, I'm Brazilian, and I'm using Google Translate to translate some things. Anyway, I hope this post reaches someone.

I should start by saying that I've always been afraid to read non-Japanese manga. Maybe it's for the lack of custom. But the 'Boys are Boys' manga certainly made me lose that fear. It was the best 2 hours I could spend on a manga that made every minute exciting.

At first, I began to wonder at the messages the protagonist exchanged with that anonymous person at the beginning of the manga. But as manga began to explore human relationships, I was intrigued by the fact that he was focusing on so much more than just an inexperienced boy trying to find a woman.

This manga talks about masks. The famous masks that people usually put on, to pretend to be who they are. And all of this is shown over the manga. The protagonist is always describing the opposite of what really happens. (But in a way, it got it right a few times).

In situations where a girl despises him, he says otherwise to the anonymous person. The bottom line is when he asks that person how he sees him, and he says the opposite of everything the protagonist is.

The manga obviously also talks about human relations, the desperation for the opposite sex, and the consequence of their choices.

Perhaps what struck me most was the protagonist's failures to be with someone. After being disappointed, after offending and losing someone for it, and after the truth is thrown in your face.

I could expect it. But when I saw that the protagonist was alone in the end, with no one by his side, I really realized that the manga was more than just romance.

For those who haven't read the manga yet read it. I must say, that I absolutely recommend reading this manga. Which is much more than romance, but a compilation of masks, falsehoods, sadness, and the consequence of bad deeds. Maybe a lot more than I saw.

I just have to thank the author for the great reading I had.

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