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Looking for 3 different types of romances! Pls halp

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9:30 am, Jan 21 2020
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Long time lurker. First time posting here. I stopped reading for a loooong time but I got the bug again and I need your help!

I have some conditions
-romance must progress and not stay the same
-overall happy ending or zero blue balling conclusion
-I’d love it to be completed or at least 40 chapters translated

I’m craving three types

1) fluffy simple heart warming stories
2) action or adventure with no tragedies between the couple
3) mc and a delinquent end up falling in love and end up together in the end

Please drop as many titles you’d recommend and I’m sure there are topics like these so drop the link to those topics if you can! Thank you for your time!!

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9:41 am, Jan 22 2020
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Taishou wotome Otogibanashi

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7:55 pm, Oct 15 2020
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Near year bump

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1:57 pm, Oct 17 2020
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Long time lurker, first (few times) time posting too 😉 lurking here gave me lots of nice mangas to read so paying it forward, hopefully. Additionally I’d love to see other’s inputs on these too, so I’m hoping for more responses aside from mine.

Quick description of my recommendations, I generally like slow, even but incremental and realistic/sensical developments, not a lot of (unnecessary or overly dramatic) conflict or triangles, and feel good stories so I hope this is what you’re looking for too. Also, I wasn’t sure if you meant you wanted new mangas, but I added some oldies but goodies (at least in my list) just in case. Here’s my two cents. It’s generally a mix of different things so hopefully there’s soemthing in the list that would suit you. Feel free to check out the review section for each manga to see if they suit you! My suggestions mostly cover your (1) or (2) story type. I can’t think of any at the moment with the (3) story type

Over 40 chapters/ongoing
I’m not sure these are what you’re looking for but they’re ongoing and more than / almost 40 chapters long. There are still conflicts involved but I feel that there’s not much over the top drama and yet still has some progress in their relationship.

Horimiya High school setting. I think this might match what you like, not sure if you’ve already read it though. There’s several couples but the leads’ relationship does go through growth.

Survive as the Heroes wife ongoing. It’s an Isekai, but I feel it’s done decently that it tells the story without too much of the formulaic Isekai feel of the mc becoming much of a Mary Sue. The development between the leads is nice and even and also have humor.

Secret Love high school setting. ongoing it’s at 35 chapters but it is more of a 4-koma so it’s not really long, but I do feel despite the very short chapters, it packs a punch and hits home where it matters.

Ookami Heika no Hanayome historical shoujo. It does regularly use comedic effect and humor, which i feel may not be everyone’s preference, so this manga depends on a reader’s taste I think.. it might come off as very kiddie or juvenile for some, esp at the start, but I feel that the author intentionally did it this way to keep the story as light as possible without the heavy baggage of too much political intrigue. I don’t think I have seen a lot of over 70chapter manga that did not shamelessly utilise the love triangle plot to death (this actually doesn’t have one as a major subplot) so this manga actually stands out for me.

Noona Fan/Her Private Life
Manhwa Modern setting. There’s some conflict (but not tragedy) with the couple later on but I like the way the plot and development progresses. I believe this was originally a novel, then turned into a kdrama adaptation and now a webtoon adaptation. The kdrama plot seems very different from the webtoon (this) version so if by chance you’ve seen the kdrama, reading the webtoon is not going to spoil much.

Oldie I’d Recommend/Completed
Ashita no Ou Sama I’ve always felt this is a classic. It concentrates a lot of character growth for the fl. Covers theatre and arts.

Love So Life completed. slice of life with kids/toddlers/preschoolers.

Heartwarming but shorter than 40 chapters
These are very low key, slow light developments (and not very obvious) but there is incremental developments to their relationship

Machida kun no sekai 20+ chapters. Very positive, (lol bordering unrealistic but really feel good) episodic storytelling approach that ties in with the slow development of ml’s growing connection with the love interest.

Koi wa Inamono Biminamono 6 chapters only, but I felt there’s a charm here of a very understated but organic development (esp for the ml- it’s in the ml’s POV) that would lead to the lead’s feelings for each other.

HTH. Btw, If you’ve found some mangas since you last originally posted, I’d also like to hear about them! Thanks and keep healthy!

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