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New Poll - Fights

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5:07 pm, Jan 25 2020
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This week's poll was suggested by jacob66. You prefer realistic fighting with fists, guns, swords, etc? Or something with a bit more flair or supernatural powers?

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Do you prefer hard or soft magic systems?
What? - votes: 2356 (64.1%)
Soft - votes: 352 (9.6%)
Hard - votes: 970 (26.4%)
There were 3678 total votes.
The poll ended: January 25th 2020

I'm glad some people looked at the explanation! Now you should look up hard vs. soft science fiction. Or maybe high vs. low fantasy.

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6:06 pm, Jan 25 2020
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And once again, no "both" option *Sigh*

It depends on the genre, FFS. Obviously, I like unrealistic fighting in fantasy/supernatural and realistic fighting in sports or series with a completely mundane cast.

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8:19 pm, Jan 25 2020
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I prefer fights that could occur in the world the story is set in. If it is a real life setting I don't want people jumping 5m and blocking a bullet with a sword.

If it is a near earth world where people can do things like that I prefer a fight that is realistic to the limitations of that system.

Sometimes the totally over the top and unrealistic ones can be fun but it doesn't hold long term interest for me.

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1:54 am, Jan 26 2020
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I'm glad there's no "Both" option, which is a very lazy option giving no good data whatsoever mmm...

If I have to choose Unrealistic Fights is a bit more enjoyable and it's easier to pull out in manga form since it usually using huge effects that's easy to understand in a drawing mmm...
Though a good realistic fights can be very exciting since you can actually feel the weight of each punch mmm...

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3:46 am, Jan 26 2020
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Ok, I can choose if I must. The comic medium isn´t fully used when restrictions are put on it so I have to go with unrealistic fights. Pure realism works of course, see All Rounder Meguru, and I ain´t too crazy about the Jump action manga to go into that direction. You need some rules to have a fight with stakes and both of these go out of the window rather fast over there.

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1:41 pm, Jan 26 2020
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I'd like to say "both" (as they both have their separate charms), but also...
Realistic fighting, in manga, is almost non-existent, as most combat that is presented as realistic, isn't.

Also I find the separation of categories, and/or choice of words, to be quite wrong.
There are tons of examples of completely unrealistic fighting, set in "the real world" (this world) or a separate but equally "mundane" world, without any supernatural elements or anything like that
...and fighting can be realistic or unrealistic, in fantasy settings with magic and the like (with those being involved in the fighting), the fighting being realistic/unrealistic, within the rules of that setting.

The poll seems to ask about fighting being supernatural or "mundane", rather than being, at all, about being realistic or unrealistic. (and, again, I'd say both have their separate charms)
These are two very separate categories.

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3:03 pm, Jan 26 2020
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When you say "realistic fights" vs "unrealistic fights" and define that as "no magic" vs "magic"... it's kind of awkward. There are countless martial arts manga that just don't follow the laws of physics, and many more fantasy/supernatural manga out there that don't follow their own rules.

For me, a "realistic fight" is one that follows its own rules. An "unrealistic fight" is one that doesn't follow its own logic. If there's magic in their world, and there is no indication given that humans are any more durable than they would be in our world (or that magic-barriers or whatever are up), it's safe to assume that someone getting thrown into concrete would be severely injured. Yet, so often does the concrete break instead.


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4:11 pm, Jan 26 2020
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Unrealistic fights I suppose, since they allow more room for creativity and the fight to be interesting.

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9:09 pm, Jan 26 2020
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Same on both counts, VawX. The question is literally about a preference, so of course you have to make a choice. If you can't make a choice but you like fights, don't vote, your data is useless. And I also prefer unrealistic fights, since manga-ka can almost never do realistic fights correctly. Even Hajime no Ippo has Takamura literally punching people multiple feet in the air when he's fighting weaker challengers.

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10:55 pm, Jan 26 2020
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I voted Unrealistic fights; cause while im not adverse to realistic fights in manga and seen some great ones, Overall the Unreasitic fights (when done well) just blow you away more. Especially when they incorporate some sort of logic in it and isn't completely ridiculous. Fights like from DBZ, Naruto, Bleach, One Punch man and several others have great unrealistic combat that i don't see the realistic ones getting close to in awesomeness.
Plus i may be a bit biased cause I do prefer fantasy manga the most.

Post #773963 - Reply to (#773948) by wotonito

6:21 am, Jan 27 2020
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Quote from wotonito
For me, a "realistic fight" is one that follows its own rules. An "unrealistic fight" is one that doesn't follow its own logic.

That's a rather good way of putting it.
I usually talk about it being internally consistent/inconsistent, but "following its own rules" may be a bit more easy to understand. (though meaning the exact same thing)
I always hate it when people say you can't talk about something being unrealistic, in Fantasy, just because there is magic.
Of course you can!
Non-magic stuff needs to work the same as in the real world, and the supernatural bits need to be internally consistent (though the more vague and unexplained it is, the more you can get away with, without being sure to be inconsistent), to be realistic within the world that the work is set in.
If it strays from that, then it is unrealistic.

Vinland Saga has zero supernatural stuff, but is preposterously unrealistic.
Hajime no Ippo may seem fairly realistic, but punching people several feet up in the air, as HikaruYami mentioned, is hardly realistic. (and I am certain that is just the tip of the iceberg, with even a lot of the less obviously extreme things, being unrealistic)
Indeed, most sports series tend to be rather unrealistic. Some in obviously exaggerated ways, some in ways that many might not realise.

Sadly, I have a hard time thinking of any realistic Fantasy series, though... It can be done. I just can't think of any cases where it has been done. (or which are relatively realistic)

Post #773964 - Reply to (#773956) by SSJR2

6:25 am, Jan 27 2020
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Quote from SSJR2
Especially when they incorporate some sort of logic in it and isn't completely ridiculous. Fights like from DBZ, Naruto, Bleach, One Punch man/.../

You talk about having some sort of logic in it and not being completely ridiculous, and then you cite those series, as examples? Dragonball, especially...

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7:10 pm, Jan 27 2020
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I wish there was an option for a mix of both realistic and unrealistic because I like both.

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7:51 am, Jan 30 2020
Posts: 27

Why is there no option for liking both?! I'm sure that I can't be anything like the only one.


5:14 pm, Jan 30 2020
Posts: 9

where's my "fights that are realistic except for how much they yell 'ORAAAAA!!!!' option"?

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