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New Poll - Manga -> Novel

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7:41 am, Feb 1 2020
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This week's poll was suggested by F_J. Assuming the novel came first, would you read the novel for a manga series you picked up?

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: What kinds of fights do you prefer to see in manga?
I don't like fighting - votes: 361 (12.8%)
Unrealistic fights, i.e., fights that use magic, ki, ninjitsu, or other special abilities - votes: 1766 (62.8%)
Realistic fights, i.e., fights that could occur in real life - votes: 683 (24.3%)
There were 2810 total votes.
The poll ended: February 1st 2020

Some people argued that even the "realistic" fights aren't that realistic because a person would be incapacitated much more easily than shown in most manga, even ones that are just fighting with their fists.

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7:53 am, Feb 1 2020
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Yeah sometimes, and most of the time the novel is better mmm...

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7:56 am, Feb 1 2020
Posts: 219

Would depend on how good the manga is. If the manga is GREAT then I'll pick up other mediums as well. Else I'll just continue with whatever I picked up first novel, manga, anime or whatever else it happens to be.

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8:33 am, Feb 1 2020
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Depends on how good the adaption is LOL. If the story hooks me with a manga. Then theres a 99% chance the novel with its larger amount of details would interest me as well.
Although there are some novels that I've read after reading the manga adaption that's so close to the original that I feel I'm rereading the series and theres nothing new to be seen. O3o

If its the other way tho.. I read the novel first then I find out there's a manga.. I would 100% read the manga even if the story isn't that great because reading manga is so much faster then reading novels... Cough

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Seinen is RIGHT

9:53 am, Feb 1 2020
Posts: 2063

Perhaps but LNs tend to be crap so highly unlikely in that case. Write an actual book, even if it is YA.

I like reading the books on which the films I love are based on. 2001, Blade Runner, Fight Club or The Godfather are also all-time great novels. Clockwork Orange, Die Hard or Forrest Gump are good books that were made into all-time greats in translation on the other hand.
There are also cases like Ghost in the Shell or The Witcher (the games, not the 5/10 show) where the adaptations vastly tower over the at best mediocre source material.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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HanaTsuki Hime

11:05 am, Feb 1 2020
Posts: 244

If the story truly interests me and catches my attention, yes, I'd definitely read the novel if it's available because while manga is a pretty good way to showcase details, novel most likely has the details in even finer detail.

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1:06 pm, Feb 1 2020
Posts: 122

Because i prefer originals i go read a novel. Assuming I don't get bored of story too early.

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3:53 pm, Feb 1 2020
Posts: 504

It’s a blunt no from me, unless I found out that the novel was written by Yukio Mishima.

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10:32 am, Feb 2 2020
Posts: 657

I'm definitely much more of a manga reader, though I do have a few LNs near and dear to my heart (Kino no Tabi, for one). If the manga is adapted from a critically acclaimed LN, I just might take a peek at it.

However, WNs are another story. I started reading some WNs recently, largely because of the isekai villainess craze, and, honestly, most of the time, I still enjoy the manga more. With WNs in particular, it definitely seems like there's a tendency to overexplain things, probably due to a lack of editor, and that's not even mentioning how many MTLs there are that are translating, which makes it difficult to find not only a well-written novel but also a well-translated one as well. Even with my fast reading speed, reading a manga is still much faster than skimming through a poorly written or translated novel, so I'd just stick with the manga, in that case.


2:29 pm, Feb 3 2020
Posts: 275

Definitely yes!

Manga is by far my most-consumed media, but the reason for that in the first place is that so often, the manga is the original and anime is adapted from it. I'll still sometimes go and watch anime-original series (though the last one I watched might've been... gatchaman crowds+insight? And the last one before that might've been Code Geass...), but I can't really tolerate anime adapted from manga except when it's a continuation written by the original author (like Dragon Ball Super.......... though the manga is still better). Mostly because they always, always fuck something up.

So, based on that, it'd be pretty damn hypocritical of me to not go read the novel, if I actually like the manga? Haruhi was my first light novel (unsurprising to many, I'm sure), and I've since picked up No Game No Life (for which the novel is still ongoing) and also fully read through Solo Leveling (for which the manhwa is still ongoing). There may be more but I don't remember.

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5:54 pm, Feb 3 2020
Posts: 2

Assuming I like the manga probably yes

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7:28 pm, Feb 4 2020
Posts: 386

If there's an actual, great translation and I actually really liked the adaption up until the end, then yeah. Problem is, I'm really fussy with novel translations. I read too many that were glorified machine translations to not be cautious.
Give me a great book anytime, but translations already lose a lot from the original, if it's not a good translation at that...

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