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New Poll - Binge-Reading Manga

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7:20 am, Feb 8 2020
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This poll was suggested by ForeignerChan. In case you don't know the concept of binge-reading, it's similar to binge-watching a TV series (or anime). You know how Netflix has every episode available to watch? Might as well watch the entire season in a single sitting! Do you do that for manga? Personally, I remember pulling an all-nighter to finish reading Death Note because I just couldn't put it down and wanted to see how it ended.

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: You find out that the manga you're reading is actually adapted from a novel. Do you go read the novel (assuming there is a translation)?
Nah, no chance - votes: 745 (22.1%)
Definitely yes! - votes: 818 (24.3%)
Perhaps... - votes: 1806 (53.6%)
There were 3369 total votes.
The poll ended: February 8th 2020

The original source is always best, right?

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11:50 am, Feb 8 2020
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Is that even a question? If i read new series i binge on it... Even if it is One Piece

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11:55 am, Feb 8 2020
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I used to binge read on manga, but now I read too many manga so I mainly read manga that I follow and new scanlated ones that looks interesting mmm...
Rarely took long manga to binge anymore mmm...

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12:48 pm, Feb 8 2020
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I remember pulling an all-nighter to finish reading Death Note because I just couldn't put it down and wanted to see how it ended. -- Me, too!

And the answer is yes, obviously.

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1:57 pm, Feb 8 2020
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I haven´t had a manga backlog in years but I occasionally discover a recent scanlation or even a translation that is rather far along and there is always the odd reread here and there. Yes it is but I don´t know about "often" as I am always up to date with my daily releases so they never pile up.

My comic backlog is pretty barren too. I am doing a complete Spider-man 60s to the late 90s read to fill my gaps. That one will continue to take a while but my comic backlog is also nonexistent outside of a very small amount of legacy continuity reads. Spidey might even be the last long-form project. No anime or cartoon backlog remains either due to extensive binging and database research last decade. Even my anime highlight rewatches are done.
In conclusion: I have no life and I must scream to do this to myself.

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5:11 pm, Feb 8 2020
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I typically only read manga that are complete, so I usually only binge-read. But the genres I read tend to have shorter series, so it's not a big deal to binge-read a one- or two-volume manga.

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6:59 pm, Feb 8 2020
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NO! I've have found out that binging anything is terrible for actual enjoyment. You overload your brain with information and leave yourself exhausted afterwards (You know, like when you crammed for stuff in high school and college the night before and couldn't actually remember anything for the damn test).

In the case of reading comics/manga, I've found that reading 10-12 chapters a day (At most) with 5 minute breaks in between chapters is the best way to handle it.

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7:00 pm, Feb 8 2020
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I don't think binge-reading is a good or preferable method of reading manga. I tend to want to not read too much, at once (this is a rare instance where I largely agree with Transdude1996, about something)
...but yes.
Yes I do.

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7:10 pm, Feb 8 2020
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I’ll binge-read arcs. I wouldn’t binge-read all of a long manga though, that’s too much at once and would take me forever.

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5:22 am, Feb 9 2020
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I used to, but not anymore. It's mainly a time issue for me now, since I often find myself too busy to devote several hours of time to a 100+ chaptered manga, unlike back in my school days. I now actively avoid manga that have too many chapters released that I haven't read.

Though generally I read anywhere from 40-50 different manga chapters a day because of how many manga I read concurrently, but that's also a thing I'm actively trying to cut down now that my time is more limited (with, uh, varying degrees of success).


4:34 am, Feb 10 2020
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There's only 2 instances where i can vividly remember binge reading manga because i just not *not* put them down.

the first was vinland saga, i read all the scanlated chapters at the time (it was AGES ago so it wasn't that many chapters) after i made it to the end of the available chapters i felt like my third eye was opened, really strange feeling

the second was more recently, only a few years ago and it was ouke no monshou. somehow i just couldn't put it down, i just had to see what kind of new crazy drama would crop up and it somehow always managed to one-up itself. it's not really a series i can recommend only reading a few chapters of at a time you gotta read big chunks for that really cathartic and transcendent experience


7:25 pm, Feb 10 2020
Posts: 297

Yes. When I pick up a new series, I am not concerned with how many chapters it is, I dive right in.

I'll take breaks if I need to (especially to read new updates of other manga I follow...), but if it's good, I very much let myself be engrossed. If it's a weekly series I can sometimes read like 50 chapters just after work on a weekday.

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