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Just caught up with Darwin's Game

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10:41 am, Feb 24 2020
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This anime is a complete change of pace for me. I got into anime about two months ago, and until today, I've watched only Slice of Life shows (with the exception of SAO when it was the hype and everyone was watching it).

Holy shit.

It came up on my recommended for VRV and I decided, why not give it a shot? I'll watch episode 1 and see how it goes, if I don't like it, I'll drop it, whatever.

I binged from the first episode all the way until the most recent seventh episode. It brought me back to my SAO days and reawakened that inner action-battle royale fan in me. I was on my edge of my seat the entire time. Knowing there's a looming threat gave me constant anxiety but a rush of adrenaline as well, and now that Kamane's clan and the Eighth have finally come face to face, the stakes are at an all time high.

I'm crazy about Shuka, there's something really charming about a character that can kill our main character in an instant, yet chooses to be vulnerable. Mobdro

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