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Which anime is this?

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2:15 pm, Mar 4 2020
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So the main character is a guy that wants to be a hero and is eventually chosen as one of the heroes along with a girl. Unfortunately our hero gets himself arrested for hurting people in a fight prior to being chosen. The girl breaks him out of jail where they meet up with the other heroes where in lies a problem. There is one hero too many. The main goes around trying to convince everyone that he was chosen, but everyone believes that he is a fake. I think one girl is part demon or something not sure but I remember she has white hair and was seriously hated for some reason. Another hero was a ninja that wanted to test the main to see if he was a killer and soon learns that he is in fact not a killer. The only other hero I remember but I’m sure that there were more was a guy that is the protector of the girl that helped free the main character at the start.

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2:57 pm, Mar 4 2020
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Rokka no Yuusha?

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