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Watching crunchyroll with vpn

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11:28 am, Mar 13 2020
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Basically I want to watch one piece on crunchyroll but it is not available in my region (germany) and I want to use a VPN. How does it work ? Do I have to use the VPN before registering an account and then its set on that region or does the region on chrunyroll change when I change the VPN ? (Please dont recommend me illegal streaming)usps tracking showbox speed test

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1:40 pm, Mar 13 2020
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the region changes when you turn on your vpn. you don't need to have the vpn when you sign up

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10:46 pm, Mar 20 2020
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You should turn on when you log in to Crunchyroll and don't turn off till you accomplish watching your episodes.

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