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12:58 pm, Apr 7 2020
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well, mainly to author.
The manga profile page has links to author/artist/publisher/scanlators/etc page right? meanwhile in the manga profile page, we can add them to reading list/wish list/complete list (or any other list we've made for that matter), can we also do that to other sections like author/artist/publisher/scanlators/etc page?
I mean... maybe developing following/subscribing to this sections would be good. Like, after reading certain manga, and another, and another, I find that apparently this author/artist/publisher/scanlators always creating/doing somethings that is similar with my interest.
Meanwhile I also try to search more information directly from their socmed handle, it would be nice if this website as a library can develop following/subscribing so I can be notified when this section (author/publisher/artist/scanlators/etc) has new works going on.

For example, I like to follow 'abe miyuki' or 'aomoto sari' or 'kadokawa publisher' or etc. by following, I wish to get notified when user submitted new information about them (the release of new manga) so I can check out his new manga immediately, and then proceed whether I'll put it to wish list/reading list/complete list/other list.. so on and so forth.

how about it? (uh.. is it clear enough for you?)

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1:53 pm, Apr 7 2020
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This is a very good, sensible suggestion. The web admins of this site are too lazy to add any new feature, unfortunately.

Post #775684 - Reply to (#775682) by SlyzertVoltrond
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2:00 pm, Apr 7 2020
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They aren't lazy, they are busy in Real Life due to jobs etc.

1st: Death Note
Post #777661

2:32 am, Jun 9 2020
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I would also like this option to follow certain mangaka and scanlators.

Post #789536
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7:38 am, Mar 29 2021
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I would love this.

Post #789736

3:40 pm, Apr 7 2021
Posts: 4

This is nice feature <3

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