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Anime/Manga/Webcomic about abuse?

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9:51 pm, Apr 10 2020
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Does anyone know some anime/manga/webcomic that deals with abuse (physical and/or sexual) or bullying? As someone who grew up in that kind of situation, it's cathartic for me to watch shows with those themes (kinda strange, but it does the opposite of "triggering" me). It makes me feel less alone somehow and I like to see how abuse is handled.

I keep getting the same suggestions like Fruits Basket or A Silent Voice (Koa No Katachi).
I've also read/watched Erased and Goodnight Pun Pun.
Beserk is on my list right now.

I know a lot of yaoi mangas have abuse as a background story but I don't like how they romanticize it and the victim usually ends up falling in love with his abuser.

I just caught up with SHELTER on Line Webtoon and was wondering if there's anything else like it? Something about living in an abusive situation and how to deal with it when it's hard to tell anyone or leave? I prefer it to be about a male main character but I'm not that picky about it.

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10:27 pm, Apr 10 2020
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Nanohana Boys. In my opinion, it deals with physical abuse realistically. While the main character is not in the abusive situation himself, the manhwa focuses on his relationship with his friend who is. The support the main character offers is incredibly heartwarming, and I hope you too received the same kind of support.

Hopefully this manhwa is cathartic for you as well.

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10:43 pm, Apr 10 2020
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I've never read a manga that protrays abuse as good as Zankoku na Kami ga Shihaisuru
The author did a lot of research about abuse and the cruel reality of how it can starts and persists for a long period of time and how it can break someone and their relationship with people around them.
It's one of very few manga that I will probably remember for a very long time.

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7:01 am, Apr 11 2020
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Slaying the Monster? it's only a one-shot though

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9:17 am, Apr 11 2020
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I recommend Bitter Virgin. It's such a beautiful story of healing!

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8:37 am, Apr 12 2020
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march comes in like a lion

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