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Anime character

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4:40 pm, Apr 24 2020
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The main character is a guy that wants to be a hero and is eventually chosen as one of the heroes along with a girl. Unfortunately our hero gets himself arrested for hurting people in a fight prior to being chosen. The girl breaks him out of jail where they meet up with the other heroes where in lies a problem. There is one hero too many. The main goes around trying to convince everyone that he was chosen, but everyone believes that he is a fake. I think one girl is part demon or something not sure but I remember she has white hair and was seriously hated for some reason. Another hero was a ninja that wanted to test the main to see if he was a killer and soon learns that he is in fact not a killer. The only other hero I remember but I’m sure that there were more was a guy that is the protector of the girl that helped free the main character at the start.

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9:56 pm, Apr 24 2020
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I think you are talking about this anime [url=]

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6:02 am, Nov 11 2020
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I think I know what you're talking about. However, I can't remember the name because it's in Japanese. Does it include the hero having aged rapidly after falling in a pit and separating from his group that never cared about him so he came out all edgy and rude with only his adopted daughter and new group of friends keeping him in touch with humanity?

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