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Need help finding a manga

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7:43 pm, May 10 2020
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Hi, I'm looking for a manga that I read many years ago and unfortunately, I only can remember little details about it. I think it was about this girl who liked someone in her class (I can't remember exactly about this part), anyway I think she confessed to him but got rejected or she found out he had a girlfriend (again I can't quite remember if this is how it happened or even if it happened).

Anyway, a guy happened to like her as well and he was trying to flirt with her and after a while, she was upset about something so she fell asleep in the classroom (not during class but during break iirc), the guy who likes her found her and he started teasing her by waking her up and telling her that she was sleeptalking and he gave her several options of what she thought she said and one of the options was her telling him that she actually likes him and I think some the options were kinda sexual. Anyway, they ended up making out in the end if I'm not mistaken and that's all I can remember from the plot of the manga.

If it's of any help I think the girl was not the typical shy meek girl and she was kind of a delinquent she had blonde/light hair and was more confident in herself than what we usually see in shoujo manga (but I'm not sure if the genre was shoujo or not) the boy had black hair and his hair was right above his shoulder or slightly above and I'm not sure but I think this was a one-shot too but it could be multiple chapters too again I'm not positive if it was oneshot or not, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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12:42 am, May 16 2020
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Gahh, I definitely read this one before a long time ago. I tried looking for it in my Complete list, but it wasn't there. If it helps, I'm pretty sure it was Shoujo and a oneshot that was part of a collection.

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1:50 pm, May 20 2020
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I think I finally found it, its the first story
Thanks for the help anyway.

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