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Searching for the title of a BL manhwa.

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12:00 pm, May 12 2020
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I only read the first chapter (and quite a while ago too), but from what I remember, it’s about a poor young man who is asked by a friend to step in for him at his part time job. The man agrees because of the pay, but when he gets there, he realises that he is to be a male host. While serving a CEO and his worker, the young man gets sexually harassed by the CEO’s worker and begs the CEO for help. The CEO tells his worker to leave the room, so the young man thinks that he's saved, but the CEO unzips his pants and demands that the young man gives him a blow job. That’s about all that I can remember… sorry if it’s too vague, but I would like to find it. Thanks!

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5:06 am, May 21 2020
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I don't think this is the story you're looking for, but your description reminds me of the 6th chapter (Violent Passion - Indulgent Tyrant) in Only You (TOHJOH Asami).

If nothing else, maybe you'll enjoy it.

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7:10 am, May 25 2020
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Maybe Down and Dirty?

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