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Where do I find the group please?

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10:02 pm, May 13 2020
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I'm really interested in reading this manga and it says it was completed 9 months ago. However I can't find any place to read it online. So I thought I'd go straight to the source but holy cow, are they hard to find! Their old Live journal site seems to be dead, there's no Facebook or Twitter accounts, I literally can't find them. And yet they are active. Can someone please point me in the direction of their closed off site so that I can try and get in contact with them so that I can read their work? xx

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10:34 pm, May 13 2020
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This intrigued me and I did some quick searching. A comment on MD states that the group never intended for their releases to be publicly distributed, and once they found out some of them had been uploaded to MD without their permission, they left scanlating almost completely behind and abandoned all forms of distribution.

Releases may potentially still be available to view for members of their livejournal group, there are some comments as recent as last year on their page requesting access, but there's a high chance they've abandoned that as well.

The comment on MD alluded to there being an IRC channel where they still worked on one project, maybe you could try finding that.

Edit: Their IRC channel is linked at the bottom of the credits page of some of their releases, not sure if it's still active or not. Best of luck getting into contact with them.

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