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The End?!?

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1:01 am, Jun 2 2009
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...Wow at the end of volume 8 I felt like I should be waiting for another release but indeed the words were there "The End". Honestly that ending felt like some one just pulled the plug on this one. I'm thinking that the author most likely had more names/chapters/volumes to go with after this but some one told him to finish it and that there done with this one. But thats just me, what do you guys think?

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1:24 am, Jun 2 2009
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So it has an inconclusive ending? I was thinking of reading that when it is completed. But if the ending is abrupt...I won't.
Can you tell me what happens in the end?

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5:02 am, Jun 2 2009
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I thought the ending was fine and perfectly fitting. Pretty much everything was resolved, and that was a natural place to end the story. I thought the manga just got better and better as it went along. The parts of the manga that weren't animated (most of the last 3 volumes) were the best, and I'm happy that the series has been completely scanlated (by 2 different groups, even).

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5:25 am, Jun 2 2009
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dam i wanted to know what Choko rely was and the is kind of confusing for me did they get marred or did Choko just start calling her big sis ??kind of makes me fell like there's one more chapter out there but thats how i fell about most inconclusive ending like mxo ,Hoshi no Koe ,Akuma Jiten & Inu Neko Jump!

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5:30 am, Jun 2 2009
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i thought was fined and it is pretty conclusive

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5:43 pm, Jun 2 2009
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The ending was pretty conclusive i thought, Tho it would have been nice if the last chapter was more a focus on the main characters and not the side characters lol.

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Mad With a Hat

8:57 pm, Jun 2 2009
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It was a nice ending.
I would have loved to read more, but I'm glad they didn't drag it~

What a good read it was...

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Post #294958 - Reply to (#294394) by chakan
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10:44 am, Jun 4 2009
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Quote from chakan
The ending was pretty conclusive i thought, Tho it would have been nice if the last chapter was more a focus on the main characters and not the side characters lol.

Thats what i though too, cause it pretty much ended similar to anime which i did not want, but there were originality still present, but ya lack of main character focus was my reason i gave it 9 not 10...

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Ore Sanjou!
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9:08 pm, Jun 5 2009
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I enjoyed the ending of the anime more than the manga.

Sure, it was different, and wasn't written by the actual author, but I felt this ending let me down, a lot.

It wasn't solid, nor was it at all specific. Haruma's confession to Chitose felt rushed and forced.

To me it felt like the author was told the series was being cancelled, and given a date for the last chapter and kind of rushed to finish things.

I was also hoping they would explain more about how Choko came to be, etc etc. More of a bit of supernatural aspect.

In honor of it ending, I decided to reread all of it, because I enjoyed the series, considering it was basicly light hearted.

I just wish the ending didn't feel so open. I hope the author does a sequel series, but I doubt that will happen.

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2:30 pm, Jun 11 2009
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There is definitely lack of something like who is the old man and the santa girl make an appearance at near, and what really Choko is..
But its still a good read over all.

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3:18 am, Aug 18 2009
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The end lack of many things but the main point is how can choko survive in the future because her existence don't real in the first place, impossible for Haruma to told his family that choko is give from santa , impossible for register citizen ID card ,etc.
This ending is just very very fiction.But alas may be choko is just delusion that created by Haruma,make sense.

Post #321683 - Reply to (#295397) by Kaioh
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6:53 am, Sep 18 2009
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Quote from Kaioh
Haruma's confession to Chitose felt rushed and forced.

Yeah I totally felt that. There wasn't any buildup for it at all. none

I enjoyed the series though. I have a feeling if the author tried to explain the supernatural stuff it might have just gotten stupid so personally I'm ok with it being mysterious. Other than the very beginning and the very end there's nothing even remotely supernatural in the manga so it would feel weird if it started going into some detailed fantasy/sci fi thing just to explain this one aspect of the story.

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12:27 am, Feb 15 2011
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it was a relax read...but i did not understand a thing about choko....i mean about if she is his sister.if someone can tell me...

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