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Are Gacha Games Incremental Games?

Are Gacha Games Incremental Games?
I'm not sure
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11:57 pm, May 19 2020
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So I have recently got into a discussion (argument) over whether gacha games can be considered incremental games.

Personally I have my own opinion but I'm curious what other people think.
I'm going to limit my input at the wikipedia links and hope people discuss anything else; I'm bad at explaining opinions either way, and there are probably people here more familiar with both genres than I am.

Sorry if I've done something wrong; I'm not new, just easily confused.
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2:13 am, May 20 2020
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From what I know in other discussions, gacha games encompass more than just games where you only tap the screen in order to get pics of your waifu/husbando. In fact, having an unrelated discussion in regards to why general poker games have died after the 2000's (Aside from Europoors and Worst Korea being whiny pricks about virtual gambling), the people in the discussion mostly attributed it to the fact that players have much more interest in gambling when the reward is lewds rather than fake dosh. And, summed it all up that gacha games are literally nothing more than virtual gambling games.

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6:55 am, Nov 24 2020
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From what I understand in the link you gave, the 'incremental game' mechanic refers to the pressing of buttons directly resulting in currency. I think this definition would exclude some gacha like Honkai Impact and F/GO where there's a different genre in between the button mashing and the currency taking. Wouldn't 'incremental games' be more accurately used for games like Clash of Clans and Farmville? Then again, I may have misread everything.

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