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I'm looking for a bl webtoon.

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7:20 pm, May 22 2020
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So I read this very long bl webtoon a while back, but I don't ever remember finishing it. It's about a boy who dresses like a girl, and a guy that falls in love with the girl version of him and later the guy version of him. I know that's pretty broad, but if you guys have any idea please help me out. I've been looking for it for 3 days now!

Post #777172 - Reply to (#777170) by wotheck

8:42 pm, May 22 2020
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Post #777179 - Reply to (#777172) by Kovlinair

9:34 am, May 23 2020
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It's not this one sadly. I remember that the seme was really tall and buff

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11:03 am, May 24 2020
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it's not a webtoon but maybe Otoshiana ni Hamerarete

Post #777247 - Reply to (#777210) by chitralala

1:31 am, May 26 2020
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sadly no

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4:53 pm, May 26 2020
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Men's Wear Store and "Her Royal Highness"?

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