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9:44 pm, May 26 2020
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Hi there, I’m looking for the name of this Yaoi manga I read ages ago.

Story starts with main character recalling a dream where someone breaks up with him. Cut to present, he’s gone through a couple of girls but none stayed with him because he’s impotent. One day his ex boyfriend shows up at his doorstep with twin sons. The ex boyfriend explained that he got married to a woman because she looked like the main character. Then she realised later the husband was gay and was abusive towards him when he wanted a divorce. So now he’s reunited with the main character. The twin toddler sons kept calling the main character mama.

I feel like it’s a one shot that’s part of a series because I remember in the later epilogue chapters or something, the author drew the twins all grown up and in high school uniform.

You guys think you know the title? Please help me!!!

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5:31 pm, May 29 2020
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I think it's the 6th chapter of this manga sensitive pornograph. Hope it is!!

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11:23 am, May 30 2020
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Omg you were right. Thanks a lot!!!

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