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Which Hana?'s Mizue Odawara Launches New Manga

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7:19 pm, Jun 9 2020
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This year's July issue of Akita Shoten's Princess magazine revealed on Friday that Mizue Odawara (Which Hana?) is launching a new manga titled Usoyomi to Gishoku no О̄jo in the magazine's next issue on July 6. The manga's first chapter will have 50 pages, including color pages. Odawara also revealed an image for the series on her Twitter account. User Posted Image
The magazine teased that the manga is a romantic story about schemes in the imperial court. The manga takes place in the Ryūkyū Kingdom, in which there is a revenge plot to murder the princess and invade the imperial court. However, the princess has a partner and substitute, who is a man.

Futabasha publishes Odarawa's Which Hana? manga in English, and it released the manga's third volume on April 7.

Which Hana? debuted in 2018. Futabasha published the manga's fourth compiled book volume on April 16.

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