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What is this manga by Nase Yamato?

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4:45 am, Jun 10 2020
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I was reading Ikumen After on the Manga water app and there is a b-boy honey cover with art by Nase Yamato of two men (tall dark haired and blond shorter with glasses) both have kids on their shoulders. All I can read are the words otousan on the cover.

Any ideas on of this one has been released in a volume or what the story is called?

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5:26 am, Jun 11 2020
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Saikyou Kyoushi - Kyoushi mo Iroiro Aru Wake de? Do you have a picture?

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9:34 am, Jun 13 2020
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As far as I can tell, the issue was a "Dad Special Feature" for the anthology, so it might be a currently untranslated one-shot. But, I've seen a few other things that suggest it's potentially the start of a new series for her. The title is 12年目のキス.

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