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Question about the manga

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5:36 pm, Jun 10 2020
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As someone who has just finished watching the anime, I was wondering if the fights still hold the same level of quality 500+ chapters later. Do the fights ever become stale or predictable at any point? It seems like it would be pretty difficult for the mangaka to keep the reader on edge after all of these fights, as the boxing setting is pretty limited as to what they can do with the writing.usps tracking showbox speed test

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5:38 pm, Jun 10 2020
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If you wouldn't give the name of the manga that you are talking about, we can't say anything.

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Dark Knight

3:31 am, Jun 11 2020
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I'm assuming he's talking about Hajime no Ippo?

Just read the manga and see if you get bored of it, you'll figure it out.


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